Norrtelje Energi’s local ties to Roslagen dates back as far as 1899.

Together with a local ad-agency, Lilla Brogatan, they re-did their visual profile.

We built the website after the new layout provided by Tommy at Lilla Brogatan, and threw it all into WordPress, making it responsive in the process, a must for today’s tablet/mobile-intense user. Being quite content-heavy, it was a challenge cramming all that information in the site in such a small format, yet very satisfying when successful.

West Art Communication och Lilla Brogatan
West Art Communication har tillsammans med Lilla Brogatan byggt den här hemsidan.

"Fråga Monica" är en hjälpsam sökmotor där Norrtelje Energis besökare kan få svar på de vanligaste frågornaNorrtelje Energi had an assortment of folder web applications, presenting things such as weather information and system status, which all were easily converted and added into the WordPress platform.

”It was an interesting project, as there were many different players cooperating with each other, something that can always become challenging. To structure content in a comprehensible way was also educative, as well as transferring old functionality from an old platform to a new one.” Erik Walinder.

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